How it all Started

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May 2012, Originally opened as Brainfreeze, John & Angela opened with Angela holding the fort whilst John was away Driving Trucks to support the business until he could afford to leave and come on board full time.. Serving mainly Milkshakes, Smoothies, Slushies & Hot Drinks & a limited selection of food.

June 2014, Being a work in Progress and with John, now for over a year, firmly in the hot seat we rebranded and Johnny C’s Diner was born. We rearranged the Diner around and vowed to give the people of Ilfracombe what they asked for.


January 2019, now established as the No.1 Breakfast choice for the majority of Ilfracombes population as well as a great number of returning holiday makers and after a few years of a few minor tweaks in the layout John decided it was time for his biggest overhaul. He unveiled his new kitchen, large enough to cope with ever increasing demand for our menu. At the same time a new fully license Bar was set up for refreshments.

“My Aim & Ethics stem from my many years of driving Low Loaders, searching for a Tasty, Filling meal as well as a quality drink and all for fair price..
I implemented this ethic into my own business. We cook everything fresh to order using an American Diner style of cooking, using Flat Top Griddles.
I believe in Fair Price, Top Quality (mainly local) Produce, an ample portion & a Warm, fun & friendly atmosphere for you to enjoy” Johnny C